Thursday, September 30, 2010

The iPhone 4

You can't always just earn money or save money but not spend money! You have to be smart about saving, you have to be smart about spending too!

I have recently bought an iPhone 4 and it is only cost me less than $300 while the original price are $859!

How I did it?

I have a 3GS before and decided to give it to my friend's brother! in return I am using my friends phone which is a 3G phone, and at the same time I am trying to sell that 3G phone for him!

Found a buyer that willing to paid $300 for it! and my friend paid me $260 for my 3GS phone! in total I received $560!

I found the phone online ( similar like eBay ) and bargain with the seller and  he agree to sell it to me for $850

Do the calculation people :)

My new toy!


  1. Errr aren't you gonna give the $300 to your friend since your're just selling on his behalf? And the $260 is a trade-in.

    Doin' some maths at 7pm on a Friday evening is kinda taxing for me, don't you think?! lolz

  2. Haha ~ simple math is ok la

    Anyway, that was the deal I am making with him, to have his iPhone plus $260 ~ 3G s is much expensive than 3G la, plus Iphone 4 launching the value of 3G is like nothing now ~ he know that I am going at selling, so he ask me to do it for him :P

    Hope your weekend was good! ;)

  3. well actually u sold ur iPhone 3Gs for $560 and u have to pay extra $290 for the iPhone 4... i did the calculation