Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The complain

How far will you go to make sure you don't get rip off?

For me - I complain

Last week our department didn't get pay on time because of the delay in  putting the time sheet in to HR, and I happened to have bill to pay, because of that, I have a bank overdraft , and the bank charge me $35 for dishonor fee.

In the past, I would just let it be because I know "shit" happened, but not this time, straight away , I call them up - of course an Indian guy pick up that can't speak English very well, and so I take this advantage - I started to complain non-stop

The conversation last about 20 minute ( you might think 20 minute? it will cost more in the phone bill than getting your money back, well, I use company phone, so is still free ) and below are some of the high light of our conversation

Indian: How can I help you

Me: The bank charge me $35 dishonor fee which  I don't think I deserve to pay.

Indian: There is nothing we can do here, because you don't have enough money in your bank and you have set up the automatic monthly payment with your phone company.

Me: I don't care! Remember I am the customer here!! This is not my fault, I didn't ask my phone company take the money out ( obviously I am playing dumb ) plus the bank has get back his money anyway!

Indian: Sir, I understand, but you should call  your phone company to talk about this.

Me: The phone company didn't take my money, is the bank who take the money! Why should I call the phone  company?

Indian: I can't do anything with your enquiries here.

Me: I am not enquiries anything here! I demand for my money back! I want to talk to your manager or your supervisor.

Indian: OK sir, I will give you the number....

Me: (He didn't even have the chance to finish his sentence) No way I am making another call.

Indian: Can you wait for moment please.

Me: OK

After few minute ...

Indian: OK sir, this time I will not charge you for the dishonour fee, but please make sure you talk to your phone company not to do the direct debit anymore.

Me: Sure

Mission complete! I got my money back ~ he he ~

Quick update : $1439

Dishonour bank fee $35

Old hair straightener $10

Dog minding for poppy for November $360

Total: $1844

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The high achiever

Who is likely going to be successful ?

 - The person who know how to turn an idea into action
 - The person who will never ever give up so easily
 - The person who doesn't scare of hard work
 - The person who has a plan and a clear direction
 - The person who has a good heart, maybe you will think that I am very naive but I still think only good people will get happy ending!

Who is the person?

He is Ronald Chang

Why him?

Having a full time job as a consultant, he also do couching 3 days a week and more over he has recently started his own business that run 7 days a week.

I have read a lot of story and book about the successful people, and Ronald Chang is a real life example for me and I wish him all the best and success in the future!

That dude in the middle is Ronald Chang

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Winning

Everyone said " there is no such thing call free lunch "

I said " there are, when you are lucky "

The easiest way to make some extra cash without putting too much effort is to join the competition!  What you got to lose when you don't win it? Few minute to fill in the form?

Note:  When you enter some competition, don't just enter whatever!

Some competition I try before:

  • Fitness first new you achievement - winner will get $30K ( unfortunately I didn't win ~ Damn! )

  • 25 word or less to tell me why you need to win this BlackBerry Pearl 3G phone, the most convincing entry will win - My answer: because my phone is more than 10 years old now and I need a phone desperately, please, let me win this! I will name my first child after you! Please Please Please Please ( Obviously that is a lie ~ my real answer are: If I win this phone, I can sell the phone to make extra cash! ) but the editor obviously doesn't like my first child name after him ~ because I didn't win the price ~ Damn again!
Anyway, it doesn't hurt me not to win anything but it does make me feel good if I win something ~

This morning! I received a call - Hi Sam, I am calling from secret recipe to inform you that you have win $100 food voucher ~ ( I actually enter the competition for the motorbike , but hey, $100 wasn't too bad yea! )

So people ~ feel free to join any competition, you never know who is going to call you later !! Good luck ^^

Quick update: $1339

Food voucher $100

Total: $1439

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Support...Again

Li San Tang: " 1 important thing want to say to u, I saw your millionaire's blog....not bad leh....i m very proud of u......u did well.....jia you..."

It always a good feeling when you get support from your family and friends.

Li San is one of my best friend since high school, she is pretty and smart with big ambitious, even till now I still think that she look like one Hong Kong singer / actress - Sammi Cheng!

Thank you for your support sammi ;) ~ and I am looking forward seeing you in Melbourne soon!

My friend that look like sammi


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Support

Jennis Kowk : By the way, "Making my way to become a millionaire" is this your blog or your frd's blog...I luv to read it!!

Me:   Thank you for your support! Making my way to become a millionaire is my blog la! hehe ~~ Glad you enjoy reading it! it mean a lot to me leh ~~ *HUG* ^^
Jennis Kowk: after reading yr blog, i think u r more mature now!!

I can feel and know what u r thinking from yr blog seems we are closer!!Add... oil for your dream, i believe u will make it someday!!!^^

I just have to make a special post about this!
Jennis Kowk is my very special friend that I meet in uni! She is not only wonderful but always supportive too! Knowing her is one of the best thing happened in my life! 

Knowing a friend that will support you give you the power to keep on going! 

Thank you Jennis! You warm my heart up in this cold weather!! *hug*

Jennis & Me : We are both dog lover too ~ ^^




Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Business Plan

I think everyone should have realize by now if they have been following my blog - working for other people will never ever get you anywhere.

Exception do happened, some job do make you rich. For example: Hollywood super star, famous singer and song writer, CEO of a big company etc, but be realistic, how many of us can be one of that?

One of the job that I wanted to highlight in this post is - writer.

You can spent 8 hours a day and 5 days a week working in a office and earn an average of $20 an hours, or you  can spent the same amount of time trying to write something and publish it. All you need is to write one times and print a thousand copy and sell it to thousand people, average $20 per copy will make you $20,000. If you are really good, you might sell more than a thousand copy and maybe more that $20 too, imagine that.

Well, you might think if is that easy, why don't I do it or why don't a lot of people do it. The fact is, it is not that easy, or maybe it is easy but we are just being lazy. How rich is that boring stay home mum now who dream about vampire and turn them into story, and not to mention about the author of the Harry Potter.

Always remember where there's a will there's a way!

Why am I tell you this? Even i haven't publish a book yet myself but I am sort of experiencing it - The Business Plan

On 14 September I sell my first copy of business plan check out -  The update...Again

Since then I have sold another copy on 10 Oct and today someone rang me and saying they are interested in getting it, can you imagine that? that was just my home home work that I did for my course, and I have made $60 dollar from it. 

Start writing people, you never know what you might come out with ~ good luck! :)

Quick update: $1319

Business plan: $20

Total: $1339

My Business Plan

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Inspiration


I love your blog~
Know you so long time, but never really visit to your blog and read it one by one.
Today, i did it and its really inspired me !!!
I'm wondering, how nice if all the people are so ambitious and hard work like you. Most important is the sincerity u showed to people !!!
I think you should share with more people about your blog.
If you don't mind, i wish to share on my Facebook wall to let my friends have a chance to read.
of course, i wish you success and become a great man.

Got that message from my friend from facebook today. I am so glad, and at the same time I am so proud of myself, because I have inspired him.

One of the reason I am doing this blog is to hope that I can inspire some one, to share my idea and to encourage each other and now I know I did!

Thank you 思遠 :) 

Sweet 思遠

Keep your dream alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and the dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe ~ Gail Devers

Monday, October 11, 2010

The AdSese


My AdSense account finally got approve! After 3 month of waiting and 3 time of resubmitting my application. Already I have made $3.31 I am so proud of myself! hehe ... ^^

Special thanks to PeggyK and Kathy who have been so helpful! *Big hug*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The dog minding is The Passion?

A lot of people keep telling me the same thing - "Don't worry about the money! Just do what you like and the money will automatically flow in",  it doesn't make any sense to me at all until last week.

I come across an advertisement online that someone wanted help to look after their doggy, straight away, I sent them a reply offer my services, because I love dog. I only ask for $100 a week which is a really low price compare to those business out there and they are happy with it and I got to say that was the best $100 I ever made.

Got me thinking...Maybe this is my path in life!  ;)

Quick update since 14 September:  $1,239

  • Hair Straighter $10
  • Dog minding for 2 days $50
  • Business plan $20 
Total : $1,319

Sammy & Sam

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The iPhone 4

You can't always just earn money or save money but not spend money! You have to be smart about saving, you have to be smart about spending too!

I have recently bought an iPhone 4 and it is only cost me less than $300 while the original price are $859!

How I did it?

I have a 3GS before and decided to give it to my friend's brother! in return I am using my friends phone which is a 3G phone, and at the same time I am trying to sell that 3G phone for him!

Found a buyer that willing to paid $300 for it! and my friend paid me $260 for my 3GS phone! in total I received $560!

I found the phone online ( similar like eBay ) and bargain with the seller and  he agree to sell it to me for $850

Do the calculation people :)

My new toy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Patient

Sometime it is just so frustrating, everything I do just doesn't seem working, like I am stuck in a big black hole and going nowhere! That is why I haven't been bother to update or even sign on to my blog lately; because I just can't bear it, take a note that I might be frustrated but it doesn't mean I am giving up.

Two week ago I went to Bunnings Warehouse and got myself some nice looking rock and seeds, instead of looking for thing to buy and resell; I thought I might as well just make it.

For almost 10 days I have been taking really good care of my little P$ANT and give them plenty of water and sun, but nothing seem happened at all, at first I thought I fail, the seed just die on me! But 4 days later ( that following 4 days I just didn't pay much attention to that anymore ), I suddenly saw some green coming out! I was surprise with joy.

Lesson that I have learn for doing that: plant your seed well and you will get your reward! All you need is a little faith and patient! Yay ~ I am back in business!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The interest rate

You work hard for your money, so in return your money should work hard for you too! But how?

Well, you need to do your homework and the easiest way to let your money work hard for you is to put it in a bank that offer high interest rate!

UBank USaver 6.51% 6.01% Y Y
ANZ Online Saver 4.50% 4.50% Y Y
Bank of Queensland WebSavings Account 0.01% 0.01% Y ($0.65 fees) N
Bankwest Smart eSaver 6.00% 4.50% N N
Bankwest TeleNet Saver 6.15% 4.50% N N
Commonwealth Bank NetBank Saver 6.00% 4.50% N Y
ING DIRECT Savings Maximiser 6.25% 4.90% N Y
Macquarie Bank Macquarie Cash XL 4.50% 4.50% Y N
RaboDirect High Interest Savings Account 6.40% 5.00% -- --
St George Bank Directsaver Account 6.15% 4.60% N Y
Suncorp Bank Everyday Options Sub-Acc 4.75% 4.75% Y Y
Westpac eSaver 6.00% 4.25% N Y
nab iSaver 6.00% 4.25% N Y
Information accurate as at 17 September 2010. Source: CANSTAR CANNEX 

You don't have to be royal to your bank! Whoever offer you the highest rate just go for it. I was with ING before but now I am UBank customer. They even provide you a saving calculator that will show you the period of year you need to save to reach your goal.

So - what are you waiting for? Does your bank let your hard earn money work hard for you? If the answer is no...you know what to do!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The update...Again

September quick update:

Nokia phone holder $20
Vase $3
Necklace $10
Bracelet $8 X 3 = $24
Amethyst Cluster $13
Wallet $10
Business plan $20

Total money made by selling my junk  $1,239

Not too bad huh ~

Note: You might be wondering what  is the business plan, actually that is my "homework" ,

Lesson: If you know how to market your product well, you will get a sale no matter what you sell! So be creative! =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Secret

"The Secret" is the first book I ever finish reading, and I even watch the DVD too.


This is the first cheque I wrote to myself in 2009, "hoping" I will be able to make a million dollars at the beginning of 2010, it sort of my 2009 new year resolution. 

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote the cheque, but now it is nearly the end of 2010! I am not even 2% close to my goal!

That doesn't mean I am ever going to give up, today I have rewrite my cheque! This time I will make sure on 31/08/2011, I will have a million dollars in my bank account.

Believe in yourself! Be yourself!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Calculation

To be able to make a million dollars in a year time:

$ 1,000,000 / 365 days = $2739.73 a day = $114.16 an hour 

A CEO of a big international company might make that much of money a year, but how many CEO is there out there? Even a high pay lawyer or a doctor that earn more than $100 an hour won’t be making a million dollars a year because they won’t be working 24 hours a day.

It seems much easier for me to fly to the moon than to make a million dollars in a year time – mission impossible!!

Time length to make a million dollars for me:
  • Example 1: If I make $20 an hour (Less in real life *sigh*)
$1,000,000 / $20 = 50,000 hours
I work 40 hours a week = 1250 week
There is 52 week a year = 24 years (So it will be more than 24 years for me to be having a million dollars)
Note: example one is just pure income which exclude tax, bill, and expenses.
  • Example 2: If I am able to save $1,800 a month (For some people, it is their full paid)
$1,000,000 / $1800 = 555.56 month = 46.3 Years
46.3 Years?!?!?!?!!!!!!! I don’t even know if I will still be alive by then, even if I am; what am I going to spent it on - Medication or hospital bill??

That is the reason why working for other people will never get you anywhere. 

What am I suppose to do now or what can I do to make a million dollars in a year time?

Ever think of a method call “doubling your money”?

If you have $100, can you turn that to $200, from $200 to $400, from $400 to $800 and so on until you hit a million dollars? It will only take you about 15 times to make $1,638,400; does it sound much better than 24 years or even 46.3 years?


Well, if I know the answer, I will be the happiest man alive, but I will never give up, lot of research and never stop trying, I am sure it will get you there.
Quick update:
- Old toy $10
- Hair dryer $10

Total money made by selling my junk: Total $1,139

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Saving

Ok, obviously you won’t think that I will make a million dollars just by selling my junk. If anyone that have a million dollars worth of junk, he already is a millionaire. 

Benjamin Franklin quotes: a penny saved is a penny earned, so to become a millionaire, it is not about how much money you made, but how much money u saved. 

Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to live cheap; all you needed to do is to be smart about it. 

I never have a credit card; it means that I never have to pay high interest, and I don’t have a bank loan or never in any debts.

I don't buy cheap thing! I buy thing cheap!

I only put petro on Saturday or Sunday because there are the cheapest throughout the week.
I love going out for movie, but won’t do it as often these day, instead I will rent a DVD, and it is still enjoyable!

I only eat out twice a week (as a reward for working hard), and normal day will eat at home, and normally I will cook a bit extra so that I can bring it to work as my lunch the next day. You can save a fortune by doing that. SERIOUSLY!

There is just some of my saving tips that work for me, I am sure everyone can figure out a way to save money without losing the value in life. Remember, work hard! Play harder! Remember to be smart about it, enjoy life! Live life!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The update

Just a quick update of what I sold since August:

Dream catcher pendant $20
IPod with speaker $100
Soft toy $20
Old mobile phone $15
Old calculator $10
Dinosaur teeth $50
Fossil $15
Baby Clothing $144
Averon $700
Old mobile phone $30
Nose and hair trimmer $15

Total $1,119

I have basically made about 1k out of the “junk” that have only been siting at my house, pretty good yea?

The next step is to double up my money.

Stay tunes my reader; I am only $998,881 to have my first million dollars.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The idea and the lesson

I find myself constantly coming up with those “great” ideas on how to make money. At least it seem great when I first thought about it

I once thought import cheap stuff from Asia country and sell it in Australia would make money. So I did but then I fail.

I once try printing my own t-shirt to sell but I fail again

I once trying to set up the online business selling crystal – www.averon.com.au - but then I fail again.

I even do the market once selling old junk and I made about $50 "profit" after paying the rental for the place, but then that $50 has to share between 2 people and we were there for 6 hours.

I try and try, and I fail and fail. The only credit I get is my determination but other than that I am just pure stupid.

What is it you need to make money? First thing and also the most important thing: BRAIN

You can’t make a sale if you don’t have a customer, you can’t make a sale if the customer doesn’t know you have the product, you can’t make a sale if your product is too expensive, you can’t make a sale if your product is useless, and you can't make a sale if your product is not unique.

Instead of selling a million different kind of product to a million different kinds of people, why don’t you try to sell one product that a million different kinds of people would want it?

Those are the lessons I have learn from those "great" idea I come out with.

Good bye Averon...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The action, the faith and the determination

It is always easy to say and it is even easier to dream.  But when it comes to the action, it requires faith and determination.

Some people are just pure stupid, some are just weird, and some will be rude to you. That is how it is and there is nothing you can do about it.

Rejection after rejection! Sometime you will feel that you are going nowhere, a lot of time you just want to take the easy way out and quit. 

Are you going to let all this negativity get you down? Or you are going to stay strong and keep on moving? My advice:  Hold on to your faith and don’t give up so easily, eventually you will find your way out. How do I know? Because I been there.

I have been trying to sell the baby clothing that my mum sent from Malaysia, at first I thought it is going to be easy, I try to sell it online, advertise on bulletin board and even go to the market, but I didn’t get any result, and there is a period I was completely giving up.

Just recently I have tried the different approach, instead of looking for customer, I directly ask the shop owner that sell baby clothing.

I successfully sold 48 pieces of baby clothing at $3 each. Total amount I made $144

So whatever you do, hold on to your faith and don’t give up!

baby clothing

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Sell

I am always thinking what else could I possibly do besides working to make an extra income?

Sometime you won’t believe how simple the answer is: Sell.

Sell the stuff that you no longer needed or use can make a little bit of extra money and the method is simple; do it online or put a note on the bulletin board.

www.gumtree.com.au is a website that I use to sell my stuff online is free and I also put the note on the bulletin board at work and I am amaze the respond I get from it.

Stuff that I sold:

Dream catcher pendant $20
IPod with speaker $100
Soft toy $20
Old mobile phone $15
Old calculator $10
Dinosaur teeth $50
Fossil $15

Total money made: $230

It is easy money and the time you spent is not a lot, all you need to do is take a picture and uploads it online - that is!

My plan are: to sell all the stuff that I no longer need and use the money to buy some interesting stuff to sell and make more money!

So people, start selling! =)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The purpose

What is the purpose of me wanting to become a millionaire?
To be able to do whatever I want in life, for example:
-          Travel around the world with my family.
-          I am not much of a shopaholic but I do love to eat, to be able to go into any restaurant try out any nice food and not worry about the price has always been my dream.
-          Go to Africa and do what Oprah did, obviously I won’t be able to do exactly what she did but if there is one kid I can help out, I will be delighted.  I love you Oprah, you has inspire me!
-          Helping people that are in need, because in life, you can’t just keep receiving but not giving.
-          A beach house – I love the beach!
That is my purpose, what is yours? Most people only thought of wanting the million dollars but only few of them actually think about the purpose. So take some time and think about what you really want in life.
Important note:
Money is important, but it is not the most important thing in my life. Family, health, love and friends are always far more valuable than money.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Million Dollars Dream

This is the introduction of why am I starting this blog – which is to make my way to become a millionaire.

Everyone dreams of becoming one, but does anyone really work on it to become one?

To those who said yes, answer me this question: “how do to you really “working on it” to become a millionaire?”  Get a job and work hard? That is working hard to make your boss a millionaire. Get lottery?  Some people do become a millionaire overnight, but what are your chances?

To those who said no, why? Is it because it is too hard? Is it because you don’t know how to get started or you just think it is impossible so you don’t even bother to try?

I will make a million dollars in a year time! That is the statement I made today!

For those who think I am a joker, I don’t care.

For those who support me, thank you! Hope I can inspire you and you can make changes in your life too to achieve your own dream.

So please stay tunes everyone, my million dollars journey have begun.