Monday, August 16, 2010

The idea and the lesson

I find myself constantly coming up with those “great” ideas on how to make money. At least it seem great when I first thought about it

I once thought import cheap stuff from Asia country and sell it in Australia would make money. So I did but then I fail.

I once try printing my own t-shirt to sell but I fail again

I once trying to set up the online business selling crystal – - but then I fail again.

I even do the market once selling old junk and I made about $50 "profit" after paying the rental for the place, but then that $50 has to share between 2 people and we were there for 6 hours.

I try and try, and I fail and fail. The only credit I get is my determination but other than that I am just pure stupid.

What is it you need to make money? First thing and also the most important thing: BRAIN

You can’t make a sale if you don’t have a customer, you can’t make a sale if the customer doesn’t know you have the product, you can’t make a sale if your product is too expensive, you can’t make a sale if your product is useless, and you can't make a sale if your product is not unique.

Instead of selling a million different kind of product to a million different kinds of people, why don’t you try to sell one product that a million different kinds of people would want it?

Those are the lessons I have learn from those "great" idea I come out with.

Good bye Averon...

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