Thursday, August 12, 2010

The action, the faith and the determination

It is always easy to say and it is even easier to dream.  But when it comes to the action, it requires faith and determination.

Some people are just pure stupid, some are just weird, and some will be rude to you. That is how it is and there is nothing you can do about it.

Rejection after rejection! Sometime you will feel that you are going nowhere, a lot of time you just want to take the easy way out and quit. 

Are you going to let all this negativity get you down? Or you are going to stay strong and keep on moving? My advice:  Hold on to your faith and don’t give up so easily, eventually you will find your way out. How do I know? Because I been there.

I have been trying to sell the baby clothing that my mum sent from Malaysia, at first I thought it is going to be easy, I try to sell it online, advertise on bulletin board and even go to the market, but I didn’t get any result, and there is a period I was completely giving up.

Just recently I have tried the different approach, instead of looking for customer, I directly ask the shop owner that sell baby clothing.

I successfully sold 48 pieces of baby clothing at $3 each. Total amount I made $144

So whatever you do, hold on to your faith and don’t give up!

baby clothing

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