Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The complain

How far will you go to make sure you don't get rip off?

For me - I complain

Last week our department didn't get pay on time because of the delay in  putting the time sheet in to HR, and I happened to have bill to pay, because of that, I have a bank overdraft , and the bank charge me $35 for dishonor fee.

In the past, I would just let it be because I know "shit" happened, but not this time, straight away , I call them up - of course an Indian guy pick up that can't speak English very well, and so I take this advantage - I started to complain non-stop

The conversation last about 20 minute ( you might think 20 minute? it will cost more in the phone bill than getting your money back, well, I use company phone, so is still free ) and below are some of the high light of our conversation

Indian: How can I help you

Me: The bank charge me $35 dishonor fee which  I don't think I deserve to pay.

Indian: There is nothing we can do here, because you don't have enough money in your bank and you have set up the automatic monthly payment with your phone company.

Me: I don't care! Remember I am the customer here!! This is not my fault, I didn't ask my phone company take the money out ( obviously I am playing dumb ) plus the bank has get back his money anyway!

Indian: Sir, I understand, but you should call  your phone company to talk about this.

Me: The phone company didn't take my money, is the bank who take the money! Why should I call the phone  company?

Indian: I can't do anything with your enquiries here.

Me: I am not enquiries anything here! I demand for my money back! I want to talk to your manager or your supervisor.

Indian: OK sir, I will give you the number....

Me: (He didn't even have the chance to finish his sentence) No way I am making another call.

Indian: Can you wait for moment please.

Me: OK

After few minute ...

Indian: OK sir, this time I will not charge you for the dishonour fee, but please make sure you talk to your phone company not to do the direct debit anymore.

Me: Sure

Mission complete! I got my money back ~ he he ~

Quick update : $1439

Dishonour bank fee $35

Old hair straightener $10

Dog minding for poppy for November $360

Total: $1844


  1. Yeap ~ this blog is all about $$$ ;)

  2. Wow, didn't you could be so garang!!! ROFL
    Yup, it's all because of $$$ hehe

  3. Haha ~ I am not garang !! :P and is not because of $$$ I am garang either ~

    Bank like make Billion of dollars everyday and still wanting to rip small customer like me off ~ of course have to do something about it ~ right? haha ~~ ><

  4. heyyyyyy..........jangan tunjuk muka awak.....


    nanti kaya jgn lupa belanja saya shopping,hehe

  5. wah...garang nye..kamu ni???
    takut lah saya......hhehehe

  6. Haha ~ kenapa jangan tunjuk muka saya? :P

    Saya tak garang ~ tak paya takut

  7. Just visiting here and support. Nice post

  8. Traveling from a raining Malaysia to wish you a lovely Day full of delight and fun…take care my friend

  9. wow! nice one!
    very brave and indeed smart looking boy! ;;P

  10. Thank you Key for the compliment! :)

  11. HAHAHA very funny

    Nice Blog
    Care to xchange link?

  12. :) @ akufobia

    Albert ~ I am not sure how to exchange link ~

  13. Gotcha! first time check on ur comments box... -,- my bad again... dari mana u sebenarny? ngee... All about money meh? how about L.O.V.E, or one package?

  14. Saya dari Malaysia ~ hehe ~~

    Money can buy almost everything except health and love oh ~ and time too ~ ;)

    Still learning about love ~ <3

  15. Oooo... that's why you're so nice! hhahaa ~ boy next door ~... Study or working at melbourne? anyway... visit my page if u feel free k...