Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The high achiever

Who is likely going to be successful ?

 - The person who know how to turn an idea into action
 - The person who will never ever give up so easily
 - The person who doesn't scare of hard work
 - The person who has a plan and a clear direction
 - The person who has a good heart, maybe you will think that I am very naive but I still think only good people will get happy ending!

Who is the person?

He is Ronald Chang

Why him?

Having a full time job as a consultant, he also do couching 3 days a week and more over he has recently started his own business that run 7 days a week.

I have read a lot of story and book about the successful people, and Ronald Chang is a real life example for me and I wish him all the best and success in the future!

That dude in the middle is Ronald Chang


  1. thanks brother,thanks for u really have a post about me.
    i just sharing with u my life.
    hope u can success as well.u will have your own sky very soon...gambateh!!

  2. really good personality!! hahaha

    say: hai too Ronald Chang!

    keep in touch! Mesothelioma Information

  3. He seems like a good inspiration :)

  4. You are welcome ~ you are a truly good inspiration to me and I should be the one who thank you!! ;)

    He is a very good inspiration Nick ;)

    Thank you Mesothelioma ~

  5. i also wanna be a millionaire!! > <

  6. Devilb0y ~~ Work hard and work smart! you will also be a millionaire one day ;)