Monday, October 25, 2010

The Winning

Everyone said " there is no such thing call free lunch "

I said " there are, when you are lucky "

The easiest way to make some extra cash without putting too much effort is to join the competition!  What you got to lose when you don't win it? Few minute to fill in the form?

Note:  When you enter some competition, don't just enter whatever!

Some competition I try before:

  • Fitness first new you achievement - winner will get $30K ( unfortunately I didn't win ~ Damn! )

  • 25 word or less to tell me why you need to win this BlackBerry Pearl 3G phone, the most convincing entry will win - My answer: because my phone is more than 10 years old now and I need a phone desperately, please, let me win this! I will name my first child after you! Please Please Please Please ( Obviously that is a lie ~ my real answer are: If I win this phone, I can sell the phone to make extra cash! ) but the editor obviously doesn't like my first child name after him ~ because I didn't win the price ~ Damn again!
Anyway, it doesn't hurt me not to win anything but it does make me feel good if I win something ~

This morning! I received a call - Hi Sam, I am calling from secret recipe to inform you that you have win $100 food voucher ~ ( I actually enter the competition for the motorbike , but hey, $100 wasn't too bad yea! )

So people ~ feel free to join any competition, you never know who is going to call you later !! Good luck ^^

Quick update: $1339

Food voucher $100

Total: $1439


  1. thats nice.getting free food is always exciting :P

  2. Hehe ~ Yeap! what is your favorite food? Maybe next time I can shout you! ;)

  3. please, let me win this! I will name my first child after you! Please Please Please Please...

    hahha..its cute man!

  4. Hehe ~ thank you Alexa ~ glad you didn't think that I am crazy ~ :P