Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Business Plan

I think everyone should have realize by now if they have been following my blog - working for other people will never ever get you anywhere.

Exception do happened, some job do make you rich. For example: Hollywood super star, famous singer and song writer, CEO of a big company etc, but be realistic, how many of us can be one of that?

One of the job that I wanted to highlight in this post is - writer.

You can spent 8 hours a day and 5 days a week working in a office and earn an average of $20 an hours, or you  can spent the same amount of time trying to write something and publish it. All you need is to write one times and print a thousand copy and sell it to thousand people, average $20 per copy will make you $20,000. If you are really good, you might sell more than a thousand copy and maybe more that $20 too, imagine that.

Well, you might think if is that easy, why don't I do it or why don't a lot of people do it. The fact is, it is not that easy, or maybe it is easy but we are just being lazy. How rich is that boring stay home mum now who dream about vampire and turn them into story, and not to mention about the author of the Harry Potter.

Always remember where there's a will there's a way!

Why am I tell you this? Even i haven't publish a book yet myself but I am sort of experiencing it - The Business Plan

On 14 September I sell my first copy of business plan check out -  The update...Again

Since then I have sold another copy on 10 Oct and today someone rang me and saying they are interested in getting it, can you imagine that? that was just my home home work that I did for my course, and I have made $60 dollar from it. 

Start writing people, you never know what you might come out with ~ good luck! :)

Quick update: $1319

Business plan: $20

Total: $1339

My Business Plan


  1. Its official,you are one of the very people i know who is really dedicated to what they want.

    Whats a business plan anyway?

  2. *hug* =)

    Last year I took a Business Management short course and completed a business plan.

    A business plan is something you need to do before you get into any business, mainly regarding the marketing and finance side of the business.

  3. I see.So i guess things are going well so far in your life ^_^

  4. and biz plan is a crucial doc.. It listed out all ur marketing strategies. U must make sure how wide ur biz plan going to let other know. =)

  5. It certainly won't sound right if I asked you for a free copy right? rofl

    Neways, what you said is true. After making tonnes of money for the bank, I left to do my own thing. Better chances to realize the dreams and make $$$ :)

    Truly wish you all the best! ^_^

  6. Nick: Everything is going ok, but it will get better ;)

    Anonymous: Thanks for the advise! =)

    Ant: If you would want a copy of the business plan, I am more than happy to email to you ;) I don't charge my friend! :P

  7. Hi this very interesting concept. I am also planning to write a book. Hope you can be my mentor. I really like to have one but i think I should somehow influence people or something like that. Thanks and Godbless

    I will post some of the content of the book in my blog.

  8. Hi Albert, thank you for the compliment! =)

    I am not that good to be your mentor just yet, haha...but we can always exchange opinion!

    What is the subject of your book? Whatever it is hope that you can be successful!!!!!!! Good luck and all the best ya! ;)