Monday, October 18, 2010

The Support

Jennis Kowk : By the way, "Making my way to become a millionaire" is this your blog or your frd's blog...I luv to read it!!

Me:   Thank you for your support! Making my way to become a millionaire is my blog la! hehe ~~ Glad you enjoy reading it! it mean a lot to me leh ~~ *HUG* ^^
Jennis Kowk: after reading yr blog, i think u r more mature now!!

I can feel and know what u r thinking from yr blog seems we are closer!!Add... oil for your dream, i believe u will make it someday!!!^^

I just have to make a special post about this!
Jennis Kowk is my very special friend that I meet in uni! She is not only wonderful but always supportive too! Knowing her is one of the best thing happened in my life! 

Knowing a friend that will support you give you the power to keep on going! 

Thank you Jennis! You warm my heart up in this cold weather!! *hug*

Jennis & Me : We are both dog lover too ~ ^^





  1. nice dogs you got there! i wish i have one too :)

  2. Ah Miao ~~ O apa?

    Rhea Gulin: You can get yourself a dog if you want ;)

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  4. woo...don't know how to respond your touching sweet you are!!

    Really thanks to be my special friend too

    I still remember when i was very down in melb, you are the one who share my pain and always support me. Of coz we also have the happy memories la!!

    So i do treasure our friendship even we haven't seen each other for ages!!Haha^^

    Wish your dream come true!!

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  6. You don't have to respond to anything, because I know! =)

    You stand by me all the time too and I consider myself lucky to know you! Lot of memories - sweet, sour, bitter, spicy! :P

    Hopefully we will see each other soon! would be good to meet you again!

    whatever dream you have hope you can hold on to it and make it real too! *HUG*