Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Support...Again

Li San Tang: " 1 important thing want to say to u, I saw your millionaire's blog....not bad leh....i m very proud of u......u did well.....jia you..."

It always a good feeling when you get support from your family and friends.

Li San is one of my best friend since high school, she is pretty and smart with big ambitious, even till now I still think that she look like one Hong Kong singer / actress - Sammi Cheng!

Thank you for your support sammi ;) ~ and I am looking forward seeing you in Melbourne soon!

My friend that look like sammi



  1. good friends are hard to find...

  2. Thank you for your compliment:)I am very treasure with our friendship. Feel happy and touching today.

  3. You are welcome ~ I do treasure our friendship too!

    Even now I am still touch that you and Wai San purposely take half day off just to come to the airport and see me when I am in Singapore ~ hehe ~!! =)

    *Hug* You should feel happy all the time!!!! Because you are special!!!