Monday, October 11, 2010

The AdSese


My AdSense account finally got approve! After 3 month of waiting and 3 time of resubmitting my application. Already I have made $3.31 I am so proud of myself! hehe ... ^^

Special thanks to PeggyK and Kathy who have been so helpful! *Big hug*


  1. How do you get the adsense?

    i made one before and i still dont know how to make it work.

  2. congrats..:))
    big hug$ for u too ;)

  3. Thank you waliz! :)

    Hi Nick, do you have an Adsense Account?

  4. I applied but my request was denied.It said that my site wasnt matched to adsense...sigh :(

  5. Applying the AdSense wasn't as easy as I thought either, my application got denied 3 times but it finally got approve.

    What my suggestion was go to the Google AdSense website and post your queries and someone will help you out with that!

    Don't give up ok! good luck ~ =)