Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Patient

Sometime it is just so frustrating, everything I do just doesn't seem working, like I am stuck in a big black hole and going nowhere! That is why I haven't been bother to update or even sign on to my blog lately; because I just can't bear it, take a note that I might be frustrated but it doesn't mean I am giving up.

Two week ago I went to Bunnings Warehouse and got myself some nice looking rock and seeds, instead of looking for thing to buy and resell; I thought I might as well just make it.

For almost 10 days I have been taking really good care of my little P$ANT and give them plenty of water and sun, but nothing seem happened at all, at first I thought I fail, the seed just die on me! But 4 days later ( that following 4 days I just didn't pay much attention to that anymore ), I suddenly saw some green coming out! I was surprise with joy.

Lesson that I have learn for doing that: plant your seed well and you will get your reward! All you need is a little faith and patient! Yay ~ I am back in business!

1 comment:

  1. All good things come to he who awaits.
    I love your positive trait! ^_^